Why Us?

 * When it comes to getting exactly what you want in a home, there are only two options: buy a new home or update your current house into the home you desire. At Bally's Builders, we have the experience, expertise, designers, and professionals builders needed to offer home addition services such as building a second story, adding a master bedroom, sun room, and other home additions. 

A room addition takes careful planning so it looks like it was always part of the house when it’s finished. Bally's Builders will consider how the roofline of the addition connects to the house and how to enhance the style of the house with doors, windows and exterior materials and finishes. 

Why Room Addition?

 * A room addition is a great way to increase living space and add value to your home. Whether you need to expand the size of your living room, add a master bedroom, or enclose your outdoor patio, a room addition can have a big impact on your home value,  family’s needs and lifestyle. 

Will The Addition Increase Your Home’s Value?

 * Even if you don’t plan to sell your home in the near future, you need to think about the impact of the room addition on resale value. Whether you sell, refinance, or take out a home equity line of credit, you’ll want to get the best possible appraisal of your home.

Because room additions are typically costly, they often return more on investment than home remodels. According to building and real estate studies, an average payback on a single room addition like a bedroom or master bedroom is about 53 percent. To maximize the return on your investment, add amenities that are in demand. For example, if most homes in your area have master suites, and you don’t, that would be considered a good investment. 

Is There a Lower-Cost Alternative?

 * If you’re planning to stay in your home for at least five years, and the addition will solve an important space problem, the addition will be worth it. To evaluate your options, you can look for other ways to achieve your space needs at a lower cost such as remodeling an existing attic or basement space, or simply re-configuring your existing living room space with a sunroom or patio enclosure. 


Why Sunroom?

 * For many people, California is all about outdoor living. A patio addition gives you a place to enjoy the California sunshine, create a play room, or just relax with family and friends. Sunroom/patio enclosure does not add on square footage to your home and does not affect your property taxes. its free engineering or blue prints requirements and you will enjoy less expensive permit costs. Whether you want an intimate patio or sprawling space, our professionals can create a patio addition that you’ll love for a lifetime.  

Should I Build Up Or Out ?

 * Depending on your space needs and property size, you will need to decide if you should build up or build out. If your property size restricts building out, building up may be your only option to achieve your goals, but building up is always more expensive. Main-level additions are often the simplest, since they don’t require retrofitting the home’s foundation. Second-story additions often require structural retrofitting down to the foundation, as well as moving interior walls and removing exterior materials. 

Will The Addition Accomplish My Space Needs?

 * Yes! Before adding on, assess your current living space and determine if the addition will accomplish your needs and solve your problems. If your house is small and doesn’t include a guest room, a bedroom addition would allow out-of-town family members and friends to visit more often. If your grandchildren love to play at your house, an added playroom would provide a safe space for activities.

Before you spend the money for a room addition, Bally's Builders will make sure it will add benefits to your lifestyle and give you needed space.

Are There Any Zoning Restrictions That Will Affect The Project?

 * Most cities have zoning restrictions that dictate what you can build and where you can build it. For example, in most California residential areas, you’re generally not allowed to build anything within 15 feet of the front of your property; 10 feet of the rear; and 5 feet of either side. There are also other building restrictions governing height which can limit room additions that build up instead of out. It’s best to book an appointment with Bally's builders specialists about local building codes that may impact your addition.  

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